Posted 1 day ago

Some doodles. I’m trying to draw my way out of a major art rut I’m going through right now.

Music Recommendation - 14? feat. Substantial - When the Luster Fades

Posted 1 week ago

Another creation from my friend Brice! His name is Mr. Stabs, and he’s just your average Halloween skeleton possessed by the soul of a homicidal maniac. You know, just that kind of guy. 

Music Recommendation - ToeJam & Earl: Panic on Funkotron - Mellow Groove

Posted 1 week ago

Another page of worry-less drawings. Sometimes it’s nice to just not think about art too much, watch some Game Grumps, and just have fun scribbling.

Music Recommendation: Panty and Stocking OST - Scanty and Kneesocks Transformation 


Posted 1 week ago

Red Panda Art Girl. I don’t know what her name is. Maybe you guys could decide?

Music Recommendation: (HQ) Tha Trickaz - Backdoor Runner Runner [The Free EP]

Posted 2 weeks ago

WIP: Flats completed! All these guys have really fun colors (not to mention just fantastic designs in general)

Music Recommendation: liltommyj - How I Feel (PiPsteer Remix) (Game Grumps)

Posted 2 weeks ago

It’s been awhile, so I decided to change up my profile picture. My hair isn’t that anime in real life, but a weeaboo can dream, right?! 

Music Recommendation - 2Pac/Nujabes - Do For Love (Mash Up Remix)

Posted 2 weeks ago

Sometimes, I just want to fill out a page in a sketchbook without worrying about what I’m filling the page with. Here’s a rare example of when I follow through with that notion. Oh and also a Viking man guy.

Music Recommendation -  Jurassic 5/Homemade Kazoku - In the House (Eureka 7 Blend)

Posted 2 weeks ago

Fan art of my friend Brice’s Character, Techno Viking! (oh also some washed out middle aged rocker dude for kicks)

Go Czech out his blog here! 

Music Recommendation - Cise Star - Greater Purpose (Thomas Prime Remix)


Posted 2 weeks ago

Some fun fantasy bad guys. Learning my way around them Copic markers, having a fun time.

Music Recommendation - Cee Roo - Give It Up

Posted 3 weeks ago

Fun marker doodles.

Music Recommendation - Pogo - SplurgenShitter