Posted 20 hours ago

I like forests. I really need to get better at drawing them. Practice time!

Music Recommendation - Flume - Space Cadet 

Posted 1 day ago

My awesome friend Kit wanted me to draw her a portrait of herself for a business card. Among other things, the card advertises her Cosplay Page which you can find here!

Music Recommendation: Nujabes - Latitude 

Posted 5 days ago

Slimes are the best, but they can be a little creepy.

Posted 5 days ago

Starry girl.

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything. I’ve been drawing, I promise! But they are all stuff I can share just yet. More details soon!

Posted 1 week ago

I’ve been drawing girls lastly. It’s pretty fun, I just need to be faster at it.

Posted 2 weeks ago

I’m going to be drawing a lot of cool girls with cool hairstyles from now on. I’ve got weird obsessions.

Posted 1 month ago

Just some random panel to continue my testing out of lettering. I’m not strictly sure why i drew this scene but it just came to me. 

Posted 1 month ago

Fuckin’ dumb animoo joke.

Posted 1 month ago
Posted 1 month ago